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Kirby Allison


At a certain point in their lives, most men begin wearing tailored clothing. Some may only wear a jacket or a suit for particular ceremonial occasions; some wear them seven days a week. Both types participate in a world-wide custom that arose when the British were the mercantile rulers of the earth and that remains the symbol of success at the highest levels of international society.

Successful participation in the custom of wearing suits requires a wardrobe that meets each man’s requirements. Many want only a few basics. Others prefer a larger wardrobe that offers them a choice of clothing for a variety of occasions. A subset of each type gets satisfaction from knowing that their clothing is made for men who appreciate fine clothes. At A Suitable Wardrobe we call these individuals The Tailored Man.

At A Suitable Wardrobe, we offer tailored men a carefully curated collection of the highest quality clothing and accessories as well as award-winning editorial content on how it is made and worn.

Kirby Allison


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